Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Tea and Health


Since ancient times, Japanese people have said that tea is a "Potion of perpetual youth and longevity" or the "Chief of all medicine". In fact, tea contains plenty elements which is necessary for the human body such as catechin, vitamin C and beta-carotene. Especially catechin, the astringent taste element, is a high-profile component for its efficacy. Although catechin is contained in Chinese tea and black tea leaves as well, it changes into different elements during fermentation, and as Ryokucha (green tea) doesn't ferment, it is expected to have a more beneficial effect.

Catechin has several characteristics; first of all an antibacterial effect, it helps in cancer prevention, and it decreases blood-sugar levels and cholesterol. Of course tea doesn't cure cancer or diabetes, but results of experiments have shown that catechin enhances cell membrane and improve mental faculties. It is recommended to drink tea everyday to prevent diseases associated with adult lifestyle habits. Tea has many effects such as helping to relax, releasing stress and alleviating hangovers.

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