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In the 14th century tea plantations were established in the mountains of Uji, Kyoto. Since then Matcha from Uji has steadily been improved and is recognized at the best quality tea in Japan.

Kyoto is the birth place of tea ceremony and also the seat of other traditional culture. I n Kyoto the tea ceremony has had an historic influence or diverse cultures such as ceramic works, paintings and architecture.

Uji Matcha is characteristic because it is sweet and mild with a low level of bitterness.

Tea leaves which will become Matcha are cultivated by being covered with reed blinds to limit sunlight from 20 days before the harvest.

This method, for growing delicious tea, was started in the 17th century, and this increases theanine (amino acid derivative commonly found in tea), which produce sweetness, on the other hand it decreases the catechin (tannin), which produce the astringent taste.

Expert farmers carefully hand-pick the tip of new sprouts, which also make less astringently flavored tea.

Matcha for Casual Drinking and Other Uses

Product NameGramsPricePhoto
Special Matcha
(Round Metal Container)
for drinking and cooking
High Quality Matcha
(Round Metal Container)
for cooking and desserts

Matcha Supreme for Tea Ceremony

Product NameGramsPricePhoto
Matcha Super Premium Grade
(Round Metal Container)
Matcha Premium Grade
(Round Metal Container)
Matcha High Grade
(Round Metal Container)

For Business Use

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