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Japanese Green Tea KIYOSEN


Japanese Green Tea Kiyosen
Kiyosen Co., Ltd.
8 Nishide Iwayama
Ujitawara, Kyoto 610-0261



Why is it possible for you to provide the best quality tea from Uji?


We know that the teas which are sold in supermarkets often have some quality problems, such as mixing with old leaves, lost aroma or dried up.

This is because ensuring the right quantity is the first priority for the merchant and also when tea comes to the suppliers, it goes through complicated distribution processes.

Kiyosen is located in Uji Tawara, which is the production district of Uji tea, so it is possible to check the growing condition everyday, and refining, packing and delivery can be done under strict quality management.

Professional skills to determining are the key what makes good tea. The president of Kiyosen himself, being a distributor, has an abundance of knowledge, high skills, a long-time experience and a keen sense for the tastes and aroma. He is a qualified tea appraiser, a qualification which is reserved only for xxx people in Kyoto.

This is why we are proud of our products and can provide the very freshest, select and high-quality Japanese tea all over the world.

Why do you provide high quality Uji tea at a reasonable price?


Usually the products have to go through several intermediary companies along the distribution chain. This accrues costs for each trader, so if the production cost is xxxyen, the selling price would be xxxyen. It is unavoidable that the quality will deteriorate while the tea is stored at the intermediaries or during transport if the quality management is not done properly, even if the tea is shipped right after harvest.

Kiyosen ships directly from the producing district, Uji Tawara, so it is possible to provide the best quality Uji tea at reasonable prices.

How long does it take to arrive?


All orders will be shipped within 24 hours.

To Europe, Canada and the USA, it will take seven to eleven days by air mail, four to five days by EMS (express mail service). Please note that this will differ depending on each country's mail system.

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